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How to Use Personal Experience to Pick Multibagger Stock

  Investing in the stock market can be a rewarding journey, especially when you identify multibagger stocks—those that provide returns several times their purchase price. While technical analysis and financial metrics are essential, leveraging personal experience can offer unique insights and advantages. Here’s how you can use your personal experience to pick potential multibagger stocks. 1. Identify Your Circle of Competence Your circle of competence is the area where you have the most knowledge and experience. This could be from your profession, hobbies, or areas where you spend considerable time and effort. By focusing on industries and sectors within your circle of competence, you can make more informed decisions based on firsthand knowledge. Example: If you work in the tech industry, you might have a better understanding of emerging trends, promising startups, and innovative technologies. This knowledge can help you identify companies with the potential to grow significantly. 2. O